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Grants and Scholarships

Grants and scholarships are available for individuals and communities. Application requirements vary for each funding source. Contact the organization directly with questions.

Institute of Museum and Library Services Grants 

  • American/Native Hawaiian Museum Services Program Grant
  • Native American Library Services Enhancement Grant
  • Native American Library Services Basic Grant 

California Cultural and Historical Endowment Grants

  • Museum Grant Program
  • Environmental Enhancement and Mitigation Grant Program 

National Parks Service Tribal Heritage Grants

US Department of Interior Bureau of Indian Affairs and Department of Agriculture

  • Offer grants, programs, and loans to further the goals of Native American Indian self-determination.

First Nations Development Institute

  • A non-profit organization committed to helping Native American communities become financially empowered. They offer grants for language studies, arts, farming, food sovereignty, education, and much more.

Environmental Enhancement and Mitigation (EEM) grant

  • The EEM Program is an annual program established by legislation in 1989 and amended on September 26, 2013. It offers grants to local, state and federal governmental agencies and to nonprofit organizations for projects to mitigate the environmental impacts caused by new or modified public transportation facilities.